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Global Grain Canada Ltd.
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Global Grain specializes in exporting dry edible beans from growers in Southern Manitoba to buyers around the world.

With over 30 years of crop exporting experience, we export and market beans to the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Pakistan, India, Japan, and the Congo, among others.

We have the advantage of buying high quality beans raised in pollution-free fresh air. Our electronic sorting equipment delivers the quality required for each shipment to even the most demanding client. We sell CNF and FOB, and have a competent staff to handle logistics.

Buying or Selling? Contact us today for your bean needs.

PO Box 218 - Plum Coulee, Manitoba, Canada R0G 1R0
Phone: (204) 829-3641
Fax: (204) 829-3087
E-mail: info@globalgrain.com

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